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Plays Well with Others

By the time you graduate from Brewster High, you will have spent around 2,340 days in school, which adds up to (depending on how the hours are calculated) more than a third of your life.  That’s a sobering fact (and darkly amusing, in the hands of The Onion), because there are a few kinks in our educational system. As Sir Ken Robinson puts it:

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Summer Salvo

This is the website for AP English Language and Composition. Over the next two months, I will introduce you to this course, my approach, and your peers. We’ll get to the summer assignment after we dispense with a few administrative tasks.

Register for this site by scrolling to the bottom of this page and following the obvious directions. Use your BHS Gmail accounts; if you haven’t ever accessed that Gmail account, use our Resources page to log in. Registering with a personal email address is fine, but you will have to switch over in the fall to your school account.

Because most of you are digital natives, the rest of the site layout will be obvious as it evolves over the summer; in fact, explaining to you how to navigate a website is almost condescending. I will only note that longer posts will be broken up into two sections: the opening section, which is visible on the front page of the site, and the bulk of the post, which you can access by clicking “Read more of this post.”

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