Language & Composition

Mr. Eure | Brewster High School

Essay Prompt: Memory

Due Date: Friday, September 14
Point Value: 100


Using your understanding of the summer reading, create an essential question of your own that relates to memory. Answer that essential question in an argument paper of no more than a thousand words. Incorporate three, four, or five of the texts from your summer reading into the essay. You may also use evidence from your own experience and other sources (e.g., history, pop culture, additional reading) to support your paper’s position.


  • 1000-word limit
  • 3-5 sources from the summer reading
  • MLA format
  • Submission to Turnitin


*Note that this is a guide for timed writing. Focus on the core skills discussed, and use the overview of how sources talk to each other that is on the second page.

General note: You will be graded here, but this is a diagnostic exercise as much as a summative one; while it tests your preparations and investment from the summer, it also reveals a number of facets of your thinking, writing, and reading. We will work metacognitively with these essays, and you will conference with me in small groups once they are scored; you will also be trained in our course rubric and related terminology through this response.

Note on collaboration: Work with others, if it helps you, and do so to whatever extent you wish. You know not to plagiarize or steal others’ ideas; however, you ought to suspect by now that the best thinking and writing comes out of collaboration. Your metacognitive work in a week or two will include a process reflection.


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