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Mr. Eure | Brewster High School

About That Summer Work

Your summer work (it begins here, if you wish to look back) has been tabulated and converted into scores. The basic calculation:

  • +1 for each comment
  • +1 for each comment that was also a reply
  • +x for the succinctness, insight, and collegiality of each comment, where x is 1, 2, or 3

Once the tallies were in, that total was doubled and rounded up. That final value was split evenly among each of the four quarters of the school year to produce this chart:

You can add those points to any assignment that has not been explicitly made off-limits. For example, the midterm and final exam will be off-limits. There are two other rules:

  1. You may not use these points to replace a missing assignment.
  2. You may not use these points on any late assignment.

I will also distribute the chart in class. When you decided to use your points, you must let me know in writing by the end of the quarter. As always, send any questions or concerns to me by email, or speak to me outside of class.


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