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Mr. Eure | Brewster High School

The Living Room Candidate

Keep reading this post and that one regularly; this is the framework for what you will do for at least the next three weeks (i.e., through Election Day). This week, while you are quizzed on that post-mortem and its attendant material, you will specifically focus on political campaign commercials. Load this site:

On Monday, after you’ve finished your collaborative post-mortem read-through, pick an ad from any era for us to study as a class. We’ll deconstruct four or five together on Tuesday. After that, you’ll be choosing a current campaign commercial for your group to tear apart for fallacies and manipulation, and this will be the first missive you send to the political campaign itself. For the moment, this is due on Friday, so that we can review and edit it as a class; you’ll then send your missive off over the weekend.


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