Language & Composition

Mr. Eure | Brewster High School

Update: 10/25

Here’s an overview of our current progress in pushing the boulder uphill:

  1. Through tomorrow, you are taking an old AP exam’s multiple-choice section in class as part of a pre-test; the scores will not count against you, but your performance will dictate how we approach this particular skill.
  2. You’ve just submitted letters to presidential candidates; these will be read, scored, and (hopefully) sent out in the very near future. Members of Ursus Ephemeris, our burgeoning school newspaper, will assist in cleaning these up and getting them to the right people.
  3. I’ve just shared a good deal of feedback with you: a document through Google Drive that delves into your adversarial scores; emails with every group detailing your collaborative quiz scores from last week; individual emails, when necessary, about recent assignments; and the scores for everything you’ve done recently.

I will continue to set up the physical space in our classroom, and if all goes well, you’ll have a place reserved by next week for your portfolios, scored work like those group quizzes, and other resources.


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