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Obscenity and Profanity: Part 1

Quick prefatory assignment:

  • Get me a copy of your responses to the three questions on rhetoric and style for ¶8 of Edelstein’s article. Give me only these responses: You can create a new Google Drive document and share it with me; you can print out a copy of your work; you can even write out your responses by hand. Be sure to attribute the work to the people who created it, i.e., indicate whether you worked alone or in a group. I will give you direct feedback and a score as soon as possible.

Now to profanity and obscenity:

  • Read both articles by Dustin Rowles. They are archived here; you’ve also been given a copy of each, with the obviously more profane one censored (as a catalyst for discussion more than anything else).
  • Look over the guide to these texts that was prepared for you. It’s in that same original post on this unit. Direct questions will be drawn from these bullet points as we talk tomorrow and Wednesday.
  • Briefly research the Miller test for obscenity. Familiarize yourself with the three criteria necessary for something to be designated obscene, and then focus on the language of the ruling—very specifically the words chosen and what they mean. Direct questions and further discussion will start with the language of the law.

Let me know if you have any questions as you go.


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