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Mr. Eure | Brewster High School

Midterm Preparations

The exam is at 8AM on Tuesday, January 22. Your locations will be posted around the building. For reference:

  • Period 4 is in Room 214
  • Period 6 is in Room 215
  • Period 9 is in Room 216

And a quick checklist to use on Monday:

  1. Read this post again. It says everything I’m about to say, and it should be your primary resource. (On the eve of the exam, of course, that post should be as a sort of final check, not a last stand. You’ve been at this for two weeks.)
  2. Bring your synthesis prompt to the exam. Print it before Monday morning if that is at all possible. Otherwise, plan to get into the library or Room 214, where I will be waiting, as early as possible.
  3. Use the templates and notes you have to insure that your prompt looks like it should. Think about what you will write, including which sources you will use.
  4. Mark up the prompt and sources ahead of time, if you like. You can use any annotations you bring with you. You will be handing in your prompt with the response.
  5. You may bring this guide to synthesis writing, which was also included in the previous post (and distributed in class a few times this year). Use it to help you plan and edit during the actual writing.
  6. Bring the Sam Anderson article with you. You may use any annotations you have to help you answer the questions on rhetoric and style.

Note that this exam is as much about resource management (including time management) as it is about rhetoric, close reading, and argumentative writing. Keep this in mind as Tuesday rattles toward you: If you’ve been hard at work, you’ll do well; more importantly, no last-minute cramming will really help you.

Finally, you should look at the following document:

That is exactly what you will see on Tuesday, only the questions on rhetoric and style have obviously been removed. Check over those directions ahead of time.

Good luck, Kinder.


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