Language & Composition

Mr. Eure | Brewster High School


Contacting Mr. Eure

Using Google Apps
Note: If you are unable to access your BHS Google account for really any reason, you will be able to fix the problem in September. This will not affect your summer work, which will be uploaded here or elsewhere online.

  • Go to to log in with your username and password.
  • Your username is your Google email address: [networklogin]
  • Replace [networklogin] with the username you use to sign into the school’s network.
  • Your password is your network password. If it does not work, you can reset it through a school computer (hit CTRL+ALT+DEL; select “Change Password”).
  • Your password must be six or more characters long. It cannot be blank, and it cannot be “student.”
  • If you reset your password, wait overnight for it to sync with Google; after 24 hours or so, you should be able to log in.

Using Infinite Campus
You can view your current average and specific assignments by logging into the Student Portal: Infinite Campus: Parent/Student Portal. To log in, use the following:

  • 11th-12th grade students (unless they are new to the district): Login: Student ID | Password: 6 digit date of birth
  • 9th-10th grade students: Login: Student ID | Password: first letter of first name, first letter of last name, 6 digit date of birth

Schedule a conference or write an email if you have questions about grades or grading. If you cannot access Infinite Campus, visit the main office.