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Final Salvo, Part 1

The writing that follows looks a bit strange after it’s been reformatted by WordPress; you’ll find it’s difficult to read the footnotes, and some of the miscellaneous presentation is different. I trust you can manage. This is a copy of what was shared with you through Google Drive, and your job this weekend is to read it.

Your job over the next week is to read everything that starts here:

That is last year’s complicated series of posts on the final essay. You obviously have a different kind of assignment, and one divorced from the toxicity of grades; the process is not all that different, however, and there is a massive amount of help to be had in those posts. Lots of it still applies. You might even note that some of the language has, in fact, already been used on you this year.

Your job is to make your way through¬†everything in that series of posts, including the work from your predecessors in AP Language. This is all you need to pull of the writing goal outlined below.¬†You will receive more student models in class. We’ll also go over the final exam and all its attendant stresses next week.

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Essay Prompt: Memory

Due Date: Friday, September 14
Point Value: 100


Using your understanding of the summer reading, create an essential question of your own that relates to memory. Answer that essential question in an argument paper of no more than a thousand words. Incorporate three, four, or five of the texts from your summer reading into the essay. You may also use evidence from your own experience and other sources (e.g., history, pop culture, additional reading) to support your paper’s position.

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